Hunting for the Northern lights

A visit to Krogstadtunet in the winter can reveal a spectacular natural phenomenom knows as the northern lights (Aurelia Borealis).The clear night sky is decked with waves of color, from red to green to blue. Not to be missed.

Barbecue area

On the farm we have a main barbeque area were you will find wooden tables and benches. This area we have set aside for you to grill food or just sit and chill out by the fire. If you would like more information please contact reception.

Knitting club

Once a month, on a saturday between 14.00-18.00, we have a get together of like minded ladies to discuss knitting patterns, techniques and general kosip over a cup of coffee. Food is also available to purchase.

Cycle hire

Krogstadtunet has bicycles for hire suitable for adults and children. The roads around the farm are perfect for cycling. Sørreisa town centre is 4 km away.

Fishing in lakes and rivers

Krogstad farm has it own fishing waters whether it be in the local lake or access to the river which passes through the farm. The lake offers fishing for Trout and Char while down by the river Sea-trout is the catch of the day. Fishing permit and equipment available for hire.

Woodland walk to view point

For the more energetic can we recommend our 2 km long woodland walk along farm tracks and marked paths to our view point overlooking Sørreisa and the distant island of Senja. Here you will not only find a place to sit and eat your sandwiches, but also a outside toilet is available.

Course in wool felting and the use of plant colorings

Felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woollen fibres. While some types of felt are very soft, some are tough enough to form construction materials. Felt can be of any colour, and made into any shape or size. If you would like to learn this old technique or would like more information please contact reception.

Course: "Lefse" Baking

Norwegian "Lefse" is a traditional dessert consisting of a sweet pastry dough that is filled with a butter cream centre.Traditionally served with a cup of coffee. These secret recipes have been passed down through the generations and perfecting the dough is quite and art. The course starts on a Friday night and finishes on Saturday evening. Price: 1.150 NKr/Person, included all ingredients. Maximum 8 Persons. If you would like more information please contact reception.

Senja - "Aventure island"

Only half an hours drive from Krogstadtunet lies the beautiful island of Senja and Norway's second biggest island. Here you will find high mountain rangers rolling into the sea with the ever present sea eagles soaring overhead.The coast line is full of tourist trials opening up a never ending world for mountain walkers. Read more on their internet site: Destinasjon Senja

Polar zoo

Only 70 Km from Krogstadtunet can you visit the worlds most northerly zoo and one of northern Norway's most popular tourist attractions. Here can you see, up close, all the arctic animals living in their natural habitats. Open ever day throughout the year. A must see for all the family! Read more on their internet site: Polar Zoo

Course: Bread baking in a stone fired oven

Nothing tastes better then home made bread right from the oven. Here at Krogstadtunet can you learn how to make your own bread, baked in a traditional stone fired oven.

Canoe hire

We have the perfect place for you to try your hand at canoeing as the river passes throught the farm. The farm has 2 easy to handle canoes for hire including life-vests. Both canoes can carry 3 adults. Please contact reception for more information.

River Walks

At the side of the main barbecue area is a small track that leads you down to "Tømmerelva" were you can wonder along its banks in peace and tranquility as the world passes you by. Here you will also find a small fishing hut were you can sit out of the rain if the need arises.
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